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At Groundbreaking Press we are extremely proud of the things that reader's are saying about the books we've published. The major credit, of course, goes to the author. However, we take pride in producing books of high quality, and believe that the look and feel, that we provide, plays a significant role in the compliments these books have received.

Below are some of what readers have shared, we've organized the comments by book. Here is a directory of the featured books:

As Best We Could by Jean Marie McLain
Survival by Magda Herzberger
The Spiritual Side of Sarah byPatricia Paris

As Best We Could by Jean Marie McLain

“[As Best We Could] is one of the best books I have ever read in my life.”
LvR, Austin, TX

"I really cannot speak enough about it, I loved it and frequently was moved by it. It was one of those rare books that you don't want to know, the kind of story that when you see you are halfway through, your thought is, "darn, just 250 pages more." My hat is off to Jean Marie, a gifted author."
WB, Austin, TX

"I've been enjoying reading your book and could kick myself for not doing so before this. It's terrific."
JC, Wimberley, TX

"When you told me about your book of the correspondence between a farm girl and her friend fighting for the Union in the Civil War, I was wondering how you would handle such a difficult topic; made even more difficult by the restraints of the times, the required prudishness of the women, etc. You handled it splendidly! The actions at home and at the battlefront come very much alive. You (the reader) see them rolling before your eyes and much of it becomes unforgettable. I laughed and cried reading it- mostly cried- because there are so many sad and moving elements in the story. [Reading it] was a joy, in fact, a magnet that kept me attached to your writing for hours on end."
GB, Austin, TX

"The introduction of your characters is brilliant. It is very interesting, delightful, clever, happy and sad, and moves along quickly. It is an excellent job. I continue to praise you for your innovative writing, using olden day activities, such as the sap boiling, syrup making, and sugaring off. I was wondering how I was going to come down to an ending, but you have done that well too!!"
BT, Delhi, NY:

"I am so amazed at your ability to make these characters come alive on the page- they all have such distinct personalities. Your book is wonderful. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I am quite amazed at all the research it must have required on your part. I learned much about the Civil War I did not know. The romance between Jamie and Mary was delightful."
BF, Austin, TX

"I've been reading the book, and last night I got in bed to read before going to sleep. I must say your book is a page-turner, and I stayed up much longer that I should have! I realized that it has just the right mix of romance, fact, and good storytelling! There is a lot of intrigue and you keep wanting to see what will happen next. What a wonderful book!"
CB, Syracuse, NY

"I just this minute finished reading your wonderful book and had to drop you a line with my praise for it! All of your characters are so alive and the letters format an excellent way to tell their story. Your pacing, your attention to detail, your organization, and your clear writing all contribute to the excellence of the book. Needless to say, I was on tenderhooks at a couple of points in the book! I will certainly recommend it to many readers I know!
HP, Pewaukee, WI

"It's the kind of book a man would buy for his lady to help her understand why this Civil War stuff is interesting. And a good solid story in its own right. As a reader, one comes to care for the characters and want things to work out for them."
JR, Austin TX
"We have not met but I feel a bond since reading your wonderful As Best We Could. I read it in a day and a half. In the last two years I have become fascinated by the Civil War and have read about ten books so far. Your book truly brought everything that I have read so far to LIFE. I started reading your book and became engrossed as though I were experiencing the same feelings as your Jamie and Mary. You have a gift and it needs to be shared."
TG, Waukesha, WI

"I just wanted to tell you I am really enjoying your book!"
SR, Easton, PA:

"Your level of scholarship about the war is amazing- but you make it very real and readable. And the farm work too. Your characters are beautifully drawn and very interesting. It made me cry a couple of times!

[A friend] reported to me this morning she has read more than 100 pages and LOVES your book. She says you are a great writer, that she can hear the voices in her mind. She wishes she didn't have to do other things so she could just sit and read!"

JR, Waukesha WI

"What an amazing work from a talented writer!"
JN, Albany, NY

"Well, I finished reading your book last night. I could not put it down and stayed up until 1 a.m. this morning to finish it. I loved it. I was moved to tears on a number of occasions. The descriptions of some of the battles were awesome. It was frustrating to me that I had to put your book down from time to time. (Hate it when I have to go to work.) I always know that when I can't get a book out of my mind for a while, it is a keeper."
KW, Austin, TX

"I've been asked to read other peoples' writings before, and always before I've had to seek and search to find something constructive to say, looking for that delicate turn of phrase that can encourage but still give advice. This is not at all the case with As Best We Could. I have been enjoying it thoroughly. The characters are charming. The details are vivid. I laughed at Dusty's antics and cried at the lists of those missing. I've held my breath to see how one correspondent was going to react to the other's letter. I've been annoyed with Cicely and Grandmother, and very angry with Father for selling off the lambs without even asking. It is so human. It is so real. You have done an astonishing and wonderful job."
AK, Houston, TX

Survival by Magda Herzberger

"It is extremely courageous of you to record your experiences of one of history's darkest periods and I'm sure that anyone who reads your book will not fail to be moved. Your book will certainly have a place in our library."

Melinda Anderson, Research Assistant
Holocaust Exhibition and Crimes Against Humanity
Imperial War Museum, London

"I am so blessed to have read your book.  Your beautiful style of writing is so eloquent.  I felt as thought  you were setting next to me telling me your story.  I was so moved by your courage, self discipline, and faith. ... I have taken my life for grated, and your example of how to really survive the worst of times is a gift to me.  I am keeping your book in full view, on my coffee table, as a constant reminder of all I was blessed to learn from reading your book."


"Thank you very much for the copy of your book 'Survival' which I received by post recently. I began to look through it when it arrived thinking that I would read it in depth at a later time but I found myself unable to put it down. It is extremely courageous of you to record your experiences of one of history's darkest periods and I'm sure that anyone who reads your book will not fail to be moved. Your book will certainly have a place in our library."

Melinda Anderson
Research Assistant
Holocaust Exhibition and Crimes Against Humanity Imperial War Museum, London

"I gave your book to be read by a borrower who is also a Holocaust survivor.  This person has read all the Holocaust survivor books in the Library.  Today she came in to tell me how much your story affected her.  ... She was overcome with emotion as she spoke to me.  She said you were very accurate with your descriptions of Auschwitz and Bergen Belsen.  In her opinion it is one of the best books she has read on the Holocaust.  She moved me to tears as she spoke about some of her experiences.  Although I have known her for a number of years this was the first time she spoke to me about them." 

Leonie Fleiszig,
Director- Makor Jewish Community Library,
Caulfield South  Aust

"Your book Survival was mentioned in the article. I ordered it through the local bookstore and have just finished it. I'm sure others have told you it was a hard book to read and also to put down. It must also have been a very difficult book to write. Your faith in God and desire to live were so strong. It has be an inspiration to many."


"I have also been reading your book every chance I get.  While I am less than 100 pages from the end, I cannot read too much at a time, yet I cannot seem to put it down.  Your writing is so natural and so fluid.  Your life experience during the Holocaust was riveting, depressing, horrific, hard to bear. I look forward to your poetic verses."


"I just wanted to write you a short note in letting you know I have purchased your book. Not only have I purchased it, I started reading it yesterday.  My gosh Magda, you have quite the story to tell!  Your story is remarkably brave.  There are parts in your book that are bringing me to tears.  It's almost as if your book is a movie and I can see the surroundings that you describe inside my head. BRAVO!!  BRAVO!! 
 It's a wonderful, enlightening book!  I am hoping (if it hasn't been done already) that a college history class picks up your book for a required reading.  It's important for students to understand what happened through the eyes of someone who lived it"


"My name is Lynda Jodrie, and I had the pleasure of meeting you at "Fiesta's" restaurant in Edwards back in July. At that time I purchased your book "Survival". I just finished the book and I wanted you to know that I am so glad that you were a survivor of the Holocaust. I cried so many times while reading your book and I had to put it down several times because it hurt so much to read about the atrocities you and the millions of others had to bear. I hope that your life since then has been filled with more happiness than sadness and that God will look down upon you and your family with love and kindness."


"I was mesmerized by your story. It was so tragic and yet so inspring. It is amazing what the human spirit, one that is strong, can endure. And you are obviously very strong. Your family gave you a great gift in your upbringing. Saddens me, however, the awful things human being can do to each other. This is just a brief note to let you know how impressed I was and that you have also impressed my friend Linda a great deal. Thank you for sharing your story with the world. It certainly needs to be told."

Houston, TX

"God bless you. I just finished reading SURVIVAL. Thank you for having the incredible strength to survive and keeping the truth about this horrible time in history alive. Thank you for doing your part to keep it alive with your writings and lectures. This recent book is so well written, important and informative."


"I have just finished reading your book - what a remarkable chronicle of will and faith and triumph over unimaginable adversity! ... Your survival very much reflects the survival of the Jewish people - an unshakable faith and an unquenchable desire for justice and knowledge. ... You have done our people proud - the impact of your story on our children and grandchildren will ensure our survival - if an 18 year old girl brought up in comparative luxury can survive the deprivations of the Holocaust and tell her story in such a compelling and passionate manner, future generations have an excellent example to follow in times of adversity and deprivation, a critical factor in ensuring our survival."


"I finished reading Survival last night…it is a wonderful book!  I basically read it in two sitting because it’s so compelling to keep learning your story.  As a Jewish woman, I’ve learned about the atrocities of the Holocaust my entire life, ... .  However, it never ceases to shock, sadden, and enrage me when I hear a story like yours.  It is inexplicable to me how that was allowed to occur in our modern, so-called civilized world.  What you lived through is truly miraculous and inspiring.  What you witnessed is unbelievably tragic, and it is a credit to you that you were able to move on with your life and have so many positive experiences afterwards."


The Spiritual Side of Sarah by Patricia Paris

"My wife also read the book, and, surprisingly, liked it a lot. She's a tough critic, and a pentecostal minister to boot."
E. Alan Long, Carroll County Newspapers, Berryville, Arkansas

"I did enjoy the books.  Sarah is a part of so many individual personalities that we all know- even our own at times.  I became absorbed with her antics and yet wanting to better understand and accept her tribulations while hoping she can finally learn from her mistakes. ... A small Southern town with the complexity of personalities living there, each with his/her own problem-solving and the judgmental traits so often found is told in an absorbing manner.  I feel like I have known Sarah for many years, and yet her characterization is fresh and exciting.  I want to respond, 'Tell me more'"
J. Huge Vernon, Houston, TX

"I was enthralled and captured by the story, Patricia, your characters, and the ability you had to depict and describe the southern people and their somewhat humorous 'traditions'. Holding my attention (a true 'can't sit still, never watch T. V' personality) is quite a challenge, and you did so with little effort!"
Click here to read the entire letter.
Click here to read the Bristol Bugle review of The Spiritual Side of Sarah.
Laurie Eads, Editor , Bristol Bugle, Bristol, IN

"Just finished The Spiritual Side of Sarah today and it was GREAT! I could hardly put it down once I started reading it. My husband Jeff is an ordained minister and raised in the Pentecostal Church. He and I talked and laughed a lot about Sarah and he says Patricia Paris got it all down right which must have required enormous research. Jeff says he knew a lot of "Sarahs" in his day, those who thought they were spiritually helping people with their lies. We also discussed the recounting of the Tent Revival Evangelist and how Ms. Paris got that right on the money too. I really got into Sarah but a few times I wanted to slap her silly because she never seemed to learn. This book is begging for a sequel!"
J. Ramey, The Christian Arsenal, Loveland,OH

"Hats off to Patricia Paris for the delightful The Spiritual Side of Sarah. As with her first book, I was again appreciative of the attention given to nostalgic detail and the author's blending of the true characters of a given era with fictional ones. Many a Tennessean will identify with shopping at country music promoter/grocery chain operator Cas Walker's. Sarah and her self-serving escapades had me laughing aloud, especially those with the tent preacher."
R. Wood, Ringgold, GA

"This preacher's wife gives The Spiritual Side of Sarah an A+ although I won't be giving this book to my young granddaughter to read for a few years. Sarah deserves a sequel; maybe we can make a saint outta her yet!."
J. Powers, Cassatt SC
"The Spiritual Side of Sarah sure kept my attention. That Sarah is one ornery little lady. Couldn't help but love her though. I have no doubt that anyone who picks up this book will love it"
D. Graham , Wilmer, TX
"Early on Patricia Paris moves easily between characters developing them thru internal dialog. We see right away Sarah saying and doing what she needs to get what she wants. I notice unique interesting descriptions that typify good writing. Very nice. Sarah's character is the primary one we see and I find her disturbingly familiar. She's a hypocrite but so am I and so are you. So are we all.

"But she is more than that. Hopefully when we repent we know why and what for and come to the real Lord to have a relationship with Him.

"The story Patricia Paris has given us is not that one but it is one well worth reading. This story reinforces my own experience that the Holy Spirit resides in buildings of flesh rather than brick and mortar."

Click here to read the entire review. (Acrobat Reader Needed)

J. Hager, Salvation Train!





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