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Fred Mapp

Mapping Information Technology to Your Business

R. Pugh
Finding Focus and a Future in the IT world

Fred Mapp has "mapped" what needs to be "mapped" and it couldn't be clearer. I've read a lot of leadership and technical books that quite frankly, are over complicated and lead you on a path of confusion.

Fred with a wealth of knowledge provides the business technical navigation tool for the IT enabled work force. It is the GPS, for the any business professional, large or small.

Your business success starts with the VISION. Presidents, owners, CEOs and CTOs are bombarded with so many new and innovative technical gadgets it isn't funny. Fred points out that the simple strategy is to ask the client/customer, WHAT DO YOU NEED?

It has brought to light, for this "technical guy", some practical, very applicable sense. Having spent over twenty years in the military in Telecommunications and Information Technology, I thought I acquired enough of the leadership strategies there to make me successful. Yes, but this book is taking me to another level of mastery that I find fascinating. Fred has plotted and navigates the course, all we have to do is pick up the book and enjoy the ride.

Umesh Manathkar
Practical handbook for today's IT executives

A great book filled with lots of ideas and concepts about how to systematically bring together technology, people, and business strategy to drive real business value. This book sets apart from others on this subject since its filled with many real world examples that Fred has drawn from his 35 years of IT experience. A real eye opener to people who believe success of IT is in knowing only technology aspect and not business or people aspects. This book systematically illustarates how successful IT organizations can deliver value when they are strategically and tactically aligned with business goals. Great handbook for today's IT executives.

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