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The staff at Groundbreaking Press are currently recommending the following books for you read, enjoy, and contemplate. Hopefully, you will gain new insight, knowledge, and/or just have a great reading experience.

Survival by Magda Herzberger

This Memior
of the holocause is a must read for anyone interested in the truth. In it, you will find suffering, hope, faith, and courage.

A Light in the Window by Jean Marie McLain

This sequel to As Best We Could, After four long years of war and suffering, Lieutenant James Bethune McNeil is coming home. A wonderful historical novel of love and redemption.

Gabriel's Watch: Book One of the Scrapman Trilogy by Noah Fregger

It's ten years after a global catastrophe that caused the near extinction of the human race. This is the story, as told by one man, of the chaos that ensued thereafter.

You Can't Fall of the Floor by Ralph M Smith

Ralph recounts his mental and physical struggles after coming down with a devastating disease. Totally paralized he must relearn how to move. You will laugh and cry with him as he eventually succeeds and returns to normal life.

Gandhi Betrayed My People by M.K. Debnath

The true story of a young boy caught in the time of genocide who, through, courage, determination, and luck finds love, and a life of accomplishment and service. A must read for those who love a great story, great love, and great accomplishment.

Hidden by LiLi Chuwis Thau

A powerful true story of survival during World War II when the Nazis controlled Poland during. At 15 years old Lili was all alone, her entire family murdered by the Nazis, her only hope was to hide in plain sight ... pretending to be a young Christian girl.

Legal Vengeance by Allen Tanner

Lucas Lustick - the Character You Will Hate to Love. The illegitimate son of a Cal Berkeley professor and a young prostitute, he ultimately becomes a highly skilled and ruthless criminal defense lawyer. However, his twisted mind and pent-up anger lead him to make deadly decisions. But, at what cost?

Heros and Survivors by Alan Pevato, PhD

The Texas City disaster (April 16, 1947) resulting in an explosion compared to the devastation at Nagasaki. Of the dead, 405 were identified and 63 have never been identified.This book is a series of letters from survivors, retelling thier personal experiences as their lives were turned upside down by the worst industrial accident in American History.


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