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Magda Herzberger

"Meeting you Magda was the biggest honor that I have experienced in my life... I think it is absolutely wonderful that you take the time to educate our young minds, and keep the Holocaust memories alive. If you (we as a society, nation, world) don't who will? I also want to tell you, Magda, you inspire me. I now have one more person to add to my list of heroes. One more person I can look up to when I'm in need of hope. A person who withstood the trials and tribulations of a torn homeland, a blind nation, a sadistic regime bent on genocide... I thank you from the bottom of my heart; Magda you will never know how much you mean to me... Even though you and I have only met once it was the one time which left me empowered... Thank you for such a wonderful experience..."

-- James Johnson

"I have been so blessed to read your stories and constantly reminded myself during the excruciating details of the mercy of God that brought you... through to be a witness... of the brutality of misguided men/women. You were also a witness... of the truth that God never leaves us or forsakes us. It is not always easy to read another's account of torture and brutality, but I feel it is important to keep the stories going because the history of this injustice must not be repeated and it was a real event that man will one day answer for with his Maker. Life is not "fair" but god does restore what the evil one meant for evil in our lives and I see that He has in your life, too. Thank you for writing and I know it took so much courage to do so. God bless you always..."

-- Barb Munneke

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Surviving Hard Times
The Waltz of the Shadows
Midnight Musings
Transcript of 1980 Magda Herzberger Interview by the Wisconsin Historical Society
If You Truly Love Me
Devotional Poetry
Tales of the Magic Forest


A small selection of the hundreds of "5 star" reader' comments (Some Amazon, majority are Personal Correspondence from fans) regarding Suvival.

Amazon results:

35 customer reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars

A seletion of Amazon reader comments. Click here to read all of the Amazon reviews.

Amazon Customer

Having read this book and have had time to ponder the most inhumane treatment human beings thrust upon innocent victims is almost unbelieveable. The disgusting life Magda endured was, I am certain, made possible only by her faith in God. Having read numerous books on the holocaust, most prisoners lost faith, but not Magda. The abuses she was forced to endure are inconceivable that she survived. This book is exceedingly descriptive, so if you have a weak stomach, be forewarned. The vulgarities were described in such a fashion as to bring home to the reader exactly what she endured without resorting to base language. Her ability to "transport" herself to another space during her persecutions are evidence of her strong will to live. She encountered many small miracles, but the most meaningful one was Jean. When you read the book, you will learn why. The poetry that Magda shares with the reader is astounding; it is so beautiful, you just want to read it over and over again. It was so heart warming to learn that Magda was reunited with her mother in a very unconventional manner and they had the opportunity to share the love and tenderness once again. The love and breeding with which Magda learned as a child as well as her survival and endurance was certainly demostrated by her restrain in the soup lines. If you read no other book on the holocaust, you must read "Survival."

Amazon Customer
Fantastic story of remembrance and hope, wrapped in a shell of exuberant, passionate writing

This is not just another Holocaust book. Magda's story is a slap in the face to the "historians" and racists who deny that the Holocaust ever took place. But this book is so much more than a historical document; it is the story about one woman's courageous life, and a life that has been lived to the full.

I had the pleasure of hearing Magda share her story at our Messianic Congregation. Magda is willing to share her story with both Christians and Messianic Jews because she loves God and loves people. She is a bundle of energy, and if you ever get the chance to see her in person, I would highly recommend that you do so.

The book seems to fly by as we see the life of Magda transition from a happy, athletic child to a left-for-dead survivor, to her development into vibrant adulthood. The part where she is re-united with her mother is priceless; Magda's mother saved a change of clothes and some chocolates in case her daughter would ever return, and Baruch HaShem she did. Magda is also a poet, and she has many poems mixed in; one that stuck me in particular was one she recited when she thought she would die near the camps. The poem is a chilling reminder of the powerful emotions one would feel at that time when normal words cannot adequately explain our emotions.

What I really loved about her work, oral and written, is that she has a wonderful balance of remembrance and hope. She does not forget or ignore the past, but neither does she let it impede her. We remember the horror, but we also get to hear about how after the war she went to medical college, found the love of her life (recently celebrating 60 years of marriage), and became a poet and an inspirational speaker.

This book is important for both Jews and Christians to read. Both will walk away blessed. But also to those who feel that there is no hope in the world, this is a great example to demonstrate the opposite. Don't miss an opportunity to see what one woman did who was described as "saved by God." It will warm your heart.

Pati Spielmann
This book is just like talking to her

I met Magda in middle school and her husband performed brain surgery on my dad in the 80s, they are incredible loving people full of wisdom. This book is just like talking to her! Not only do you experience the history of her story, it is brimming with life lessons for any age. Parents you must buy this and keep it on your shelf, it helps your kids to understand the Holocaust and they will learn so many inspiring lessons from Magda. She's a physically and mentally strong lady who demonstrates the value of family bonds, physical fitness, being a good scholar, and caring for others with all your heart no matter what.

Cindy Smith
Brilliant account, honest and transparent

I met Mrs. Herzberger in my nail salon and she shared her story. This book is captures the spirit of determination I was privileged to witness during our few moments talking. There are so few survivors remaining of the holocaust and we all need to read and have our children and grandchildren read accounts like Magda's so we never forget and stand up against ethnic cleansing and horror mongers.

Amazon Customer
Great book

Great lady and great book to read! It saddens me that anyone had to live that kind of hell, and writing about this can only enlighten the disbelievers.

absolutely awe inspiring...


yossef aelony
review of Survival

Personal account of author's real experiences, emotions, choices, mistakes, survival techniques. A gripping story definitely not for bedtime reading. Obviously, the author is brilliant & benefited from her strong educational upbringing, faith in family & religion, who survived where most in her situation did not. She is skilled in both prose & poetry and the reader needs a full box of kleenex to read the book.

Very good book

Although the writer is sometimes repetitive, her story is incredible and well written. Some of her poems are really poignant. I have been to the Holocaust museum in Washington, but reading about it from one who endured the suffering and abuse really brings alive the atrocities suffered by the Jewish people. It is hard to imagine how human beings could be so cruel and callous.

I enjoyed the book immensely.

A very emotional yet nspiring read. I could not put it down. This book deeply touched my soul! I would highly recommend this book!

Doreen B. Anderson
This book makes you feel like you are there and a taste of the agony ...

This book makes you feel like you are there and a taste of the agony and reality of the holo out by someone who was there. This was not a story by a third party but someone who not only survived the horror but turned the experience into a positive life success. It is inspirational for those who feel they can't go forward from life's tragedies!

A very good read

My book club had this book recommended to us. I'm very glad to have read it. It was insightful, informative and very well written.

G. S. Harris
A story about a strong woman

It takes courage and internal strength to survive such a terrible experience, but even today, this woman is cheerful and enthusiastic about life. It's a story worth reading if you can bear it.

Betsy Studer
So sad, but so well written

Survival was an incredible book. So sad, but so well written. Highly recommend this to any reader who wants to learn the truth about the holocaust.

Jorge Rios
A great book to read

Mrs. Magda,
thank you for sharing your story with the world, now I understand what you meant by writing "it would be of a great loss if you had not written this book"
I loved it. It kept me not wanting to stop reading, I would recommend this book to anyone. It inspires us to live our life to our best and that there is always god watching over us when we do the right thing.

Betsy N.
"Survival" the book

Awesome book. The author suffered the horrors of 3 German concentration camps and survived. She tells her story very well.

Ruth Simms
Very interesting. Could hardly put it down until I finished it. Magda is an amazing person and has a strong spirit. I bought this book for my cousin and he couldn't put it down until he finished it. This is a good read.


It a good and interesting book and a lot of people should read this book because it's worth to read many times

Connie C. Mcdevitt
A great read, an eye-opener

So glad I read this book. Everyone should read this. Makes me appreciate what I have in life.

Personal Correspondence

Magda has received literally hundreds of letters from fans (from 9 to 90). We've chosen a sample to share with you.

Magda Herzberger is an extraordinary woman whose eloquent testimony in her book "Survival" to her ordeal as a victim and witness to the holocaust has captured the hearts and minds of so many. I truly believe that what she is accomplishing today through her writing and speaking will allow people for generations to come to understand the nature of the cruelty that she and so many others endured, as well as the critical need for forgiveness, faith, and hope in our lives."

--James P. Moore Jr., Professor at Georgetown University
and former Assistant Secretary of Commerce
and author of One Nation Under God. The History of Prayer in America

"The tears I left on pages 342 and 352 are not yet dry as I reflect upon the bold words of the back cover. "Write, Jewish Children!". Your parents are not only remembered, but honored each time someone has the privelege of reading your Survival.

I was given your book by a mutual friend of ours, Brad Fregger. He gave me your book to read as an example of the best storytelling skill he's seen... and now I know why. The story he is encouraging me to write pales in comparison to any value I might have compared to your incredible journey.

I am far too overwhelmed with all sorts of emotions at the moment to adequately share with you my thoughts and the lessons I gained by being allowed to walk by your side through your captivity. Perhaps after I have had time to reflect I may find the words of gratitude you deserve.

Until that time, thank you for the spiritual renewal you gave to me through your gift of the pen. You are amazing!

--Lynda G. Cleveland, PhD
The University of Texas at Austin

"I gave your book to be read by a borrower who is also a Holocaust survivor. This person has read all the Holocaust survivor books in the Library. Today she came in to tell me how much your story affected her. Her experiences are nearly identical to yours except that she came from the Lodz Ghetto and had typhus at liberation. She was overcome with emotion as she spoke to me. She said you were very accurate with your descriptions of Auschwitz and Bergen Belsen. In her opinion it is one of the best books she has read on the Holocaust. She moved me to tears as she spoke about some of her experiences. Although I have known her for a number of years this was the first time she spoke to me about them. She was very grateful that I had asked her to read this book."

-- Leonie Fleiszig Director of the Makor Jewish Community Library
Caulfield [Melbourne], Australia

"Thank you very much for the copy of your book Survival which I received recently. I began to look through it when it arrived, thinking that I would read it in depth at a later time, but I found myself unable to put it down. It is extremely courageous of you to record your experiences of one of history's darkest periods, and I am sure that anyone who reads your book will not fail to be moved."

-- Melinda Aderson, Research Assistant,
Holocaust Exhibition and Crimes Against Humanity, Imperial War Museum, London, UK

"I just completed reading your book Survival and was totally amazed with your strength, courage, tanacity, endurance and life. It was obvious to me that God was with you and I want to thank you for showing me His miracles during this terrible time in your life."

-- Irene Wells, RN, Ret.

"God bless you. I just finished reading Survival. Thank you for having the incredible strength to survive and keeping the truth about this horrible time in history alive. Thank your for doing your part to keep it alive with your writings and lectures. This recent book is so well written, important and informative. Thank you. You are amazing."

-- Daniel Rubin

"Your book Survival has helped me significantly and I thank you so much for sharing such a painful part of your life in that way. Your philosophy of life: 'have faith, hope and love in your heart - believe in impossible dreams and make them come true - cherish each moment of life - never take anything for granted' is truly profound. It has deeply affected me."

-- Renata Gelb

"... your story was the most moving, touching, most powerful thing I have ever read. I've learned about the holocaust throughout my school years, but had no idea just how brutal it was until I read your story. All the pain and suffering you went through makes my every day life look so simple! I am grateful you wrote your story to tell and show the world what the holocaust was really like. You are so inspiring to me because you were so brave. You said no to suicide, unlike many of your fellow prisoners. You also were so brave to relive your terrifying journey just to tell the world your story! I wept every night when I read your story... I felt so lucky to be alive and have all that I do have. thanks again for being so courageous. You are a wonderful person and my role model!"

-- Amanda

"I just read your book Survival. You did a stellar job fighting for your life and keeping your relationship with God strong. I am sorry to hear about all the pain you have endured in your life, but it teaches me so much about love of life and forgiveness. I always have a hard time with that one! ...know that you have touched a life!"

-- Kathiann Fisher

"I am so blessed to have read your book.  Your beautiful style of writing is so eloquent.  I felt as thought  you were setting next to me telling me your story.  I was so moved by your courage, self discipline, and faith. ... I have taken my life for grated, and your example of how to really survive the worst of times is a gift to me.  I am keeping your book in full view, on my coffee table, as a constant reminder of all I was blessed to learn from reading your book."


"Your book Survival was mentioned in the article. I ordered it through the local bookstore and have just finished it. I'm sure others have told you it was a hard book to read and also to put down. It must also have been a very difficult book to write. Your faith in God and desire to live were so strong. It has be an inspiration to many."


"I have also been reading your book every chance I get.  While I am less than 100 pages from the end, I cannot read too much at a time, yet I cannot seem to put it down.  Your writing is so natural and so fluid.  Your life experience during the Holocaust was riveting, depressing, horrific, hard to bear. I look forward to your poetic verses."


"I just wanted to write you a short note in letting you know I have purchased your book. Not only have I purchased it, I started reading it yesterday.  My gosh Magda, you have quite the story to tell!  Your story is remarkably brave.  There are parts in your book that are bringing me to tears.  It's almost as if your book is a movie and I can see the surroundings that you describe inside my head. BRAVO!!  BRAVO!! 
 It's a wonderful, enlightening book!  I am hoping (if it hasn't been done already) that a college history class picks up your book for a required reading.  It's important for students to understand what happened through the eyes of someone who lived it"


"My name is Lynda Jodrie, and I had the pleasure of meeting you at "Fiesta's" restaurant in Edwards back in July. At that time I purchased your book Survival. I just finished the book and I wanted you to know that I am so glad that you were a survivor of the Holocaust. I cried so many times while reading your book and I had to put it down several times because it hurt so much to read about the atrocities you and the millions of others had to bear. I hope that your life since then has been filled with more happiness than sadness and that God will look down upon you and your family with love and kindness."


"I was mesmerized by your story. It was so tragic and yet so inspring. It is amazing what the human spirit, one that is strong, can endure. And you are obviously very strong. Your family gave you a great gift in your upbringing. Saddens me, however, the awful things human being can do to each other. This is just a brief note to let you know how impressed I was and that you have also impressed my friend Linda a great deal. Thank you for sharing your story with the world. It certainly needs to be told."

Houston, TX

"I have just finished reading your book - what a remarkable chronicle of will and faith and triumph over unimaginable adversity! ... Your survival very much reflects the survival of the Jewish people - an unshakable faith and an unquenchable desire for justice and knowledge. ... You have done our people proud - the impact of your story on our children and grandchildren will ensure our survival - if an 18 year old girl brought up in comparative luxury can survive the deprivations of the Holocaust and tell her story in such a compelling and passionate manner, future generations have an excellent example to follow in times of adversity and deprivation, a critical factor in ensuring our survival."


Surviving Hard Times

Laurence K Vance
Dealing with hard times

Magda Herzberger once again writes a book that is difficult to put down. For those in hard times she advises the establishment of a positive attitude and lists many affirmations she used throughout her life to maintain her self confidence and self-worth.

Each page is filled with survival tactics and the importance of a belief in a Higher Power and the power of prayer. She writes that her only freedom in the concentration camps was a spiritual one and she protected that freedom by not giving in to negative thinking. Her faith in God preserved her hope and love in her heart. Her parents taught her this love and she was determined to see them again. Unfortunately her father died in Dachau. But his last words to her at Auschwitz ended with "Practice the art of forgiveness, Love and tolerance."

Magda did this. I went with her to her first speech at a high school in Brodhead, Wisconsin. When she finished a boy asked her what she would do id she learned that her neighbor had been an SS guard in the concentration camps. She answered without hesitation, "I would forgive him."

Magda courageously takes the reader into the camps and we learn what horrific really means. In spite of all the horrific ordeals, she [posses wisdom at the early age of 18. She uses her imagination, shifts her thoughts to pleasant ones and uses the power of positive thinking. Doing this kept her alive during a forced 40 mile march to the extermination camp of Bergen-Belsen. The marchers were taken there to be killed by starvation and hydration. She turned to God and promised Him on that day that if she survived she would keep alive the memory of all the victims left behind.

Then came the day that she was dying but the camp was liberated by British troops. A British soldier found her on a pile of corpses and lifted her. Tears were streaming down his face. God had answered her prayer.
Magda has been haunted by nightmares about what happened in the camps all her adult life but her belief in God, the power of positive thinking and giving meaning to her life by writing about the camps as she promised God if she lived she would. And she has. This is her 13thbook. What a legacy!

Review by Diana Vance - writer and historian

Peter R. Whitis, MD
Never, never, never give up.

How does one survive the grotesque conditions of the camps in Auschwitz-Birkenau, Bremen and the Death March, the horrors of Bergen-Belsen? Six million Jews did not

Surviving Hard Times is the account of one who did survive. "Hard Times" is a weak euphemism for the Nazi concentration camps. This is not an easy book to read with brutality, starvation, depression, suicide, death and random killings on many pages. Perhaps a euphemistic title is the least the author can do for the reader.

But there is another theme besides the horrors, that is the one of hope, of spiritual faith, of intelligence and, thankfully, a young and strong constitution. There were times when in despair she had to cut herself to see the blood as a reminder that she was still alive, the fantasy once of overpowering a German guard and wearing his uniform because she could speak German, making a major effort to resist the creeping black depression she saw in others. There is the holding onto a positive attitude in the most deplorable conditions telling herself she was strong, that she could endure, that she had the willpower to survive and could see herself in the future, liberated and with her mother.

Magda did survive, was barely alive when U.S. troops liberated the camp, eventually reunited with her mother, never succumbed to hate and bitterness and moved into the later years of her life with the mission to tell her story so that the world would never forget the Holocaust.

Evelyn H. Vondran
Surviving Hard Times
Magda’s heart-rending and soul-searing survival story of being subjected to extreme cruelty and deprivation as well as being a witness to the depths of human despair and depression in the German prison camps is a monumental tribute to her mental and emotional strength.

She not only survived the prison of physical, mental and emotional torture. She continues to share the knowledge and insight she gained from her experiences.

In her latest book, SURVIVING HARD TIMES, Magda takes the reader through a series of practices that show how she overcame extreme difficulties in life. She survived them all! She attributes this to her deep faith and trust in an all-loving God.

We all encounter problems in life. Some even seem to be insurmountable. But they are NOT! Tools are available to help us conquer the problems and difficulties we encounter in our daily living. To be effective tools have to be used.

Magda’s little book gives us the tools to show how to overcome our daily disappointments and/or seemingly insurmountable problems. A book well worth reading!

Susan Herzberger
Treasured Strategies

This book is applicable to all difficult times. Magda speaks honestly and directly from her own experience. She is nonjudgmental and accurate about her own reactions to the nightmares she lived through, and shares her strategies for survival. Furthermore, she is living proof of the success of those strategies. I applaud her for her survival but even more for her willingness to share this with all those fortunate enough to read her words.

Gregory N. Shrader
Profound inspiration

It is impressive and humbling to see how Magda Herzberger continues to contribute to humanity, never having lost hers to the Holocaust. In Mrs. Herzberger's latest book, she has much to offer anyone who is struggling. Pulling together inspirational messages along with pragmatic advice on lifting one's mood, her unique perspective is profound assistance. Thank you, Magda.

The Waltz of the Shadows

Petricia A. Parham-Sharp
Just like a song

This book of poetry is just beautiful. It is the story of The Holocaust in poetry form. Everyone know what happened was horrible, but Magda's book put it in a way that lets you share her experience while listening to the music the poetry makes.

Transcript of 1980 Magda Herzberger Interview by the Wisconsin Historical Society

Peter R. Whitis, MD
history preserved

For several decades now, Magda Herzberger has been telling and retelling her story of survival of the Holocaust (SURVIVAL , 2005; THE WALTZ OF THE SHADOWS, 2006; TALES OF THE MAGIC FOREST, 2006) giving talks to groups around the country, interviews to newspapers, magazines, radio and TV shows. Born in 1926, she continues with an indomitable spirit to publish and speak to new generations for whom the history of World War II and the Nazi extermination of millions of Jews is too remote to have meaning in a world of globalization and instant communication. Her story is a living history lesson and, for a people who seem to prefer to ignore history, it is a cold dose of reality.

This book is the oral history of Magda Herzberger as told to Wisconsin history archivists in 1980. It is professionally done and a tribute to both the Historical Society and Magda Herzberger. Fortunately, there are people whose work is to see that history is not forgotten. The Wisconsin Historical Society wanted not only to capture the experience of Wisconsin survivors of the Holocaust but also document their postwar experiences as they dealt with life afterwards. They have preserved the oral histories of 22 death camp survivors living in Wisconsin.

The book recounts her childhood, " her teenage years, when Hitler's rising shadow spread eastward and her adolescent pleasures gave way to anti-Semitic persecution. . . . Magda endured the nightmare of Auschwitz, performed slave labor in Bremen while Allied bombs fell all around her, and barely escaped death at Bergen-Belsen." The story goes beyond the wartime experience to the travails of Magda and her husband, Eugene, furtively leaving Rumania knowing that Soviet repression would blight their lives, only to be stopped at sea by British warships which intercepted their emmigrant filled ship headed for Israel. They were sent to an internment camp in Cyprus for a year. Finally, they made it to Israel and struggled, as did the newfound nation, to survive. Years later, they immigrated to the United States and began a new life, eventually in Wisconsin and Iowa.

The book is a give-and-take conversation, is highly readable and clearly meets professional standards. It also meets Magda Herzberger's hopes for her story to be available to future generations, researchers, and historians. Her story deserves no less.

Midnight Musings

Evelyn H. Vondran
Midnight Musings by Magda Herzberger

With her most recent book, Midnight Musings being the twelfth contribution from this prolific author, Magda Herzberger again impresses upon us not only the horrors she experienced as a suvivor of the holocaust that occurred seventy years ago, but more importantly the life lessons of hope, love, faith and trust in God by which she has tried to live these many years.

Her purpose in writing is to continually keep us aware of how inhumane human beings can be when allowing free flow to their basest inclinations while simultaneously reminding us all that a Divine Being knows and loves us and is willing to forgive when we are truly sorry for straying away. In continuing to write, Magda also pays tribute to the memory of her loved ones who made the ultimate sacrifice. In Midnight Musings the reader catches a glimpse of the inner spiritual longings of a soul who has experienced the gamut of human emotions while at the same time teaching the all important lesson of how to handle them.

Magda is also an accomplished musician. Her love for music finds expression in all that she does. As Magda personally explains in the book "poetry is music of the written word". Whimsical illustrations interspersed throughout the book are created by Magda's daughter, Monica, giving atmosphere to the musical message. The book ends with a personal composition by Magda.

This book of poems is a gift to society in that it can be picked up at any moment with any part to inspire us with its message. Magda's music expressed in poetry again reminds us of the power within us to overcome adversity no matter what shape or time in which it happens to come into our daily lives.

If You Truly Love Me

Evelyn H. Vondran
If You Truly Love Me by Magda Herzberger

If You Truly Love Me by Magda Herzberger is a book of love poems dedicated to her husband on the occasion of their 60th wedding anniversary.

Love is a powerful word, holding many connotations. Some people use it lightly, but in reality true, faithful love is a participation in Divine Life.

Modern romance stories may excite momentarily, but only true genuine love demonstrates faithfulness and continuity that survives all the sorrows and pitfalls which human beings can experience in life.

Magda’s love for her husband of over sixty years is solidly based on a faithful love and trust in God, Who is the Source of all Love.

This little book not only inspires but also gives us a glimpse into real life. As with all poetry it can be enjoyed in brief episodes or useful in meditating, that period in our busy lives when we take time out and enter into our innermost being to renew our strength and determination to live a purposeful life.

Devotional Poetry

Evelyn H. Vondran
Devotional Poetry

she enjoyed


Evelyn H. Vondran
Sharing Magda's world

Susan Herzberger
destined to be a classic

Tales of the Magic Forest

Petricia A. Parham-Sharp
It is Beautiful. For all ages

This book is a book of fairytales that are metaphors for The Holocaust. Magda writes poetry that is easy for anyone to read and it just flows like music.

Peter R. Whitis, MD
beyond fantasy

Magda Herzberger knows evil. She survived the Nazi death camps of Auschwitz, Breman and Bergen-Belsen. Her memoir, SURVIVAL, was published in 2005. Now, in TALES OF THE MAGIC FOREST, she draws on childhood memories of growing up in Transylvania, a region renown for dark castles, gypsies and vampires including the fearsome Dracula. In TALES OF THE MAGIC FOREST, using prose and poetry (and charmingly illustrated by her talented daughter Monica A. Wolfson), Magda tells the tale of a powerful witch (SS guard "The Raven") joining the Devil (Dr. Mengele, the Nazi doctor who sent thousands to the gas chambers and used prisoners as guinea pigs for nefarious "experiments") to weaken Freedom in the form of a great bird. In this book, Magda has woven together threads from her unconscious as well as the history of the Holocaust and the Jewish diaspora. Readers of TALES OF THE MAGIC FOREST will have much to think about beyond a children's fantasy story.

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