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Michael Ashton

Maestro My Ass!

Windy Trader
A trader's book

Mr. Ashton provides a "trader's" view of what many at Wall Street banks wanted to say but were afraid to. Like Taleb, Roubini and others the author breaks down complicated economic aracana into simple (sensible) terms that anyone can understand; but there is a reason why - his career as a derivatives trader required that he sift through the "bull" quickly and question the logic of what turned out to be a financial fiasco. Practioners in the field will enjoy the quick read, those interested in a unpretencious book about what really happened will appreciate his candor.

Four Stars

Rather populist but helpful in defining central bankers as spin doctors.

Chris Vander Groef
Fed made simple

Could have been titled fed for dummies. Makes a good point for committee decisions as opposed to a powerful fed chairman [Maestro]. Book makes a good case against transparency at the fed, an opionion changer for me,my decisions are now influenced more by committee. The authors use of the simple island economy was useful in giving me a clearer view of liquidity issues and the feds efforts to control the money supply. Bravo for a simple concise read, rather than fed speak.

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