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We enable authors to easily and rapidly transform your manuscripts into books available for sale to the public. If you are writing for posterity, we will help you create a book that your children's children will cherish. Whatever your writing goals, we are here to help you realize them.

We are dedicated to providing efficient and effective fulfillment and distribution services so that everyone who orders an author's book - be they wholesaler, retailer, or individual - receives that book when expected, in excellent condition.

We are committed to the following Statement of Purpose, Mission Statement, and Core Values to assure we carry out our mission in a way that benefits all our stakeholders: authors, customers, employees, contractors, suppliers, investors.

Statement of Purpose

Our goal is to offer, through modern technology, the means by which individuals everywhere can realize the joy and fulfillment of seeing their books in print, thereby providing the opportunity for others to enjoy their work and give it the recognition it deserves.   For those authors who produce work for a broader audience, we are committed to the efficient and effective fulfillment and distribution of their books in a variety of media designed to meet the needs of readers everywhere.

Mission Statement

We at Groundbreaking Press share a vision of a world enhanced through digital technology, liberating the human mind and spirit. Groundbreaking Press is a boutique publisher dedicated to using this technology so that our authors’ life works will be realized and preserved for posterity. In concert with our partners, we empower people everywhere to lead more productive lives by creating and communicating knowledge, personal experience, and stories through a multitude of “print” media. With a strong commitment to our core values and mission, we anticipate and respond quickly to changing opportunities and needs, while preserving a culture that brings out the best in each of us.

Core Values

Groundbreaking Press is a stakeholder-focused company. We believe in, and are committed to, our authors, our customers, our people, our partners, and our community.

Our Authors: We respect and honor every one of our authors. If we aren't the right fit for your needs, we'll honestly do our best to steer you in the right direction. Those who find Groundbreaking Presses author services “just what the doctor ordered” will find a place where their dreams of publication can be realized, where they will be shown how to produce a final product that lives up to their highest expectations. For those authors who have “best seller” dreams, we will provide the information and knowledge needed to begin the challenging journey to fame and fortune.

Our Customers: We respect and honor every one of our customers. When someone purchases one of our books, we consider that action to be a call for our commitment to serve that customer in every possible way , to make sure their needs are met and their questions answered. We are dedicated to resolving any and all conflicts, to maintaining absolute privacy, and to only sharing the information with our customers that they have granted permission to share.

Our People: We respect and honor every one of our team members, with the full knowledge that it is through diversity that the answers are found.  Arrogance and elitism have no place here. Individuals do not have to prove their worth; instead, their worth is assumed from the moment they become a member of our team.  As an exceptional team of diverse individuals, we strive to give each and every team member the opportunity to excel beyond all expectation, and to earn their livelihood by doing the work they live and breathe to do.

Our Partners: We respect and honor every one of our partners, from our investors to the individuals and companies providing the services we need to meet the needs of our authors and other stakeholders.  Likewise, we only work with partners who respect us, who support our core values and work with us toward our mutual goals.

Our Community: We are dedicated to our community, to helping it be a safe place of socio-economic health where all people will be able to live their lives in peace and harmony, having the time, energy and resources to realize their hopes and dreams, while minimizing their fears. While we live and work in specific communities around the world, in many ways we consider ourselves to be part of, and having a responsibility to, the entire world community.

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