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In September of 1998, Brad Fregger was looking for a publisher for his first book, Lucky That Way.  Fregger's wife Barbara suggested he talk with Rodney Charles of Sunstar Publishing while they were in Fairfield, Iowa. Fregger and Charles met, chatted, and Fregger left with a publisher. However, Rodney could only publish Brad's book if Brad funded the production, including the printing and binding. So, in a real sense Brad's first book was truly self published.

Almost four years later, in the Spring of 2002, stimulated by the transformation of the industry with the introduction of digital printing capabilities, Fregger self-published two new books, Get Things Done and One Shovel Full. He quickly realized that helping people publish their books just might be an idea that could turn into a business.

With this realization came a passionate desire to help every author, and everyone who ever dreamed of being an author, experience the excitement and sense of accomplishment of having their manuscript published; holding in their hands a book with their name on the cover, a book they wrote. It became his dream to help make the dreams of others come true.

Fregger immediately began forming his own publishing company, looking for just the right people to join him on this journey. Very quickly he got the support of some terrific people: including Barry Silverberg, Jeff Eastman and Michael McGar. And, most importantly, his wonderful wife Barbara Foley. Without Barbara's support none of this could have ever happened. 1st World Library's first author was Jean Marie McLain whose Civil War novel, As Best We Could, was a publisher's dream.

In January, 2006 1st World Library began doing business as Groundbreaking Press, and we passed a major milestone by publishing our 30th book ... 30 books from authors from sea to shining sea. Today, we have published over 60 books in a variety of genre's from dozens of authors.  About a third of our books are message books by authors who are also professional speakers, another third are memoirs written essentially for posterity, and the final third are fiction.

In May of 2017 Brad and Barbara moved to Fairfield, Iowa to be closer to Barbara's Iowa family and MUM the Transendental Meditation based University located in Fairfield. This, of course, meant that Groundbreaking Press is now located in Fairfield, Iowa.

Groundbreaking Press is in the business of making dreams come true. We enable authors to easily and efficiently transform their ideas and/or manuscripts into books.

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