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At Groundbreaking Press we strive to make every author, every client, a positive reference. It's important to us that everyone who does business with us is delighted with the services we provide, the care and concern that we have for every author and every book we are involved with.

Below are sample comments from existing authors who have published books through us. The entire letters of reference are also available by just clicking on the appropriate link. If you would like to contact an author directly, send an email to We will then forward that email to the author and they will get in touch with you.

Thank you for your consideration. We think that publishing through Groundbreaking Press is a very good decision indeed.

Author Comments Regarding Groundbreaking Press:

Doug Robinson
Fred Mapp
Magda Herzberger
Steve Wagh
Barbara Bernard
Gerald A. Collins
Bob Mahoney
Jean Marie McLain
Michael Dorť
Garry McDaniel
Loren Bryant
Mark Robbins

Doug Robinson, author of Expatriate.

"Since my main objective was to find something that might provide value to others, I knew I wouldnít reach my goal if I didnít get the book published. So I was delighted when I was introduced to Brad and he showed me how to make it happen. Itís been months since I finished the manuscript, but the book is finally done and as I write this, Iím holding the first copy in my hand Ö itís hard to describe what Iím feeling right now.

"The publicity has already started. Our local paper, the San Angelo Standard-Times, featured me in a major article, and I will soon have three book signings, one at our local Hastings, one at San Angelo State University, and one at the resident-care center where I live.

"Yes, the sequel has already been started. I planned this as a trilogy and Iíve left the reader wondering what will happen as the story continues."

Fred Mapp, author of Mapping Information Technology ... to Your Business.

"Once I decided to self publish, and reviewed what other publishers have to offer, there was no doubt I was going with Brad and Groundbreaking Press. I could tell from our conversations, his work as an adjunct at Saint Edwardís, and getting to know him personally, that he was committed to quality. I believe Bradís involvement will assure me of a book I can be proud of, one I can take confidently into the smallest company or the highest corporate offices in the world."

Magda Herzberger, author of Survival.

"Brad, who convinced me that the best way to tell my story was by telling first what my life was like in Romania as a young girl growing up in an upper-middle class Jewish family and how it changed when the Naziís came to power in Germany, leading ultimately to our family being taken to Auschwitz to die. But instead, I survived through horrors that are hard to believe ever happened.

"It is difficult for me to relate these experiences as they actually happened, but I am finding that writing them down is helping me deal with them. The hurt, the pain, the horror has never really left me, but now I am feeling better inside. Just sharing my story is healing me in ways I never would have understood.

"It is hard, but this is a story that must be told. We must understand the horror we are capable of, with the hope that it will never happen again. But hope alone is not enough. Diligence is essential, and nothing will happen if we donít know, donít believe it is possible for us to treat each other in these terrible ways"

Steve Wagh, author of The CEO Handbook.

"I really didn't want to write, but I wanted to share the things I had learned over the years with inexperienced entrepreneurs as well as with my children.

"Brad had been a friend and associate for several years. I knew he had written a couple of books. I casually mentioned to him one day that I was thinking about writing my own book. Whenever we bumped into each other, he would ask me how my book was coming. I knew I had to get it going.

"Now that it is published I know why I had to write it. Iíve already received enough accolades and sold enough books to pay for the entire process. Others have told me how helpful my little handbook has been; what more could you ask for?"

Barbara Bernard, author of Eblis.

"I called Brad to get details. He explained their process and referred me to one of his successful authors. After chatting with her, I was convinced I had found a way to publish the novel Eblis, and ultimately my autobiography. I now regret that we didnít know about Groundbreaking Press in time for our book of novellas. With Bradís help, I have expanded my novella, Eblis, into a full novel. I just got back my edited manuscript and am excited and pleased with the results. I could never have found such editors on my own.

"I have had this great need to publish my writing for years, ever since that child took a crack at it so very long ago. Now, Iíve found a way to make it happen, a way for my cherished goals to be realized."

Gerald A. Collins, author of Douglas House.

"Together we have turned a mere journal into a novel that is only just beginning to make its impact on my family and friends who also lived the story. 
"I cannot thank you enough for what you have done in bringing the story of my youth to life once again.  To paraphrase the final paragraph of  Douglas House, "If there had been no you, my story would be incomplete."

Click here to read the complete letter.

Bob Mahoney, author of Damned to Heaven.

"All of your actions on my behalf through those challenges speak volumes about your integrity and your commitment to the promise of this new niche in publishing; I'm glad to have the 1st World imprint on Damned to Heaven and look forward to working with all of you in the future."

Click here to read the complete letter.

Jean Marie McLain, author of As Best We Could, a Civil War story of the 101st New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment and their loved ones at home.

"When I first learned about Groundbreaking Press and its wonderful services, I had already completed the writing of my book. I had put it on the shelf, believing I would never find a publisher who was interested in it, or who would even think about publishing it in its present form. ... (Then) I talked to Brad Fregger at Groundbreaking Press, and he explained to me ... that they were dedicated to helping me make my book the best that it could be. I was convinced of his sincerity."

"I would recommend Groundbreaking Press for anyone who thinks their work is worthy of printing. The staff does all the business end of the publication, and lets the authors do what they do best - writing and approving the final product. I know my book would still be on the shelf if it were not for Groundbreaking Press."

Click here to read the complete letter.

Here is an additional reference from Jean Marie after we completed her second book,A Light in the Window.

"Thanks for all you do. Knowing how much you helped me, and how hard you worked, I can't imagine why any serious author would 'self publish' in any other way."

Michael Dorť, author of Thinking Strategically Within Nonprofits and Thinking Strategically Within Your Company

"Finally, I have had a book published! It is a great thrill to have sat down and put my thoughts, experience, and talents into a computer and have them magically appear as a book. My wife has been encouraging me for years to do this, but I thought it would be too expensive and much too much trouble.

"Then I met Brad Fregger. ... He led me into a world I had only dreamed about. He is a good listener and an outstanding publisher. His company is small enough to get close to his writers and provide them the one-on-one services we need at each stage of the process."

Click here to read the complete letter.

Garry McDaniel, author of Conflict to Cooperation

"I just wanted to thank you for the terrific service that you provided producing my new book, Conflict to Cooperation. As you know, this is my second book and I published my first, Managing The Business, through a traditional publisher.

"To be honest, in the beginning I was somewhat concerned about using an author services company to publish my second book. As I have some experience publishing through "vanity" and "subsidy" press, I was not at all sure that you were really any different. However, after my conversations with you, I decided to take a chance and have been delighted with the results.

"There is no doubt that going with you was the right decision. Many thanks for a great job! You can be sure that my next book will also be published with Groundbreaking Press."

Click here to read the complete letter.

Loren Bryant, author of Frimps, Smiles, and Twinkles

With Brad's editorial contributions and publishing expertise combined with the creative art of Benjamin Vincent, Groundbreaking Press helped me create a children's book that reframed the need to pathologize depression in children. Brad is pleasant, personable, a consummate professional, and a good friend.  His knowledge and instincts regarding the publishing industry are recognized internationally.  What is more, Brad understands trends of the future and their relationship to the high-tech arena. 

Mark Robbins author of Christia, a Screenplay

I come from decades of living in the computer world.   Nights being spent with conscience thoughts replaying how a broken procedure might be repaired.  When I started having a muse insert thoughts of writing a screenplay into my stream of consciousness, it was a surprise.  Creating something from nothing that followed the best practice rules for code development is far different from writing what has almost no rules, or so I thought.  The thing that became immediately obvious is that the placement of small things, like a comma, can make all the difference in a clean compile or a strong paragraph.

Brad Fregger brought the knowledge and ability into my project that any good system architect brings to code development.  Having someone that knows the business, different approaches, and has the capability to realign your story for the most impact is priceless.  Working with someone that will demonstrate how things can work but still leave you room to make your own mistakes, with a smile, makes the pain of creating more joyful.  Brad is my “go to” guy to this day.  Of course, stubborn errors  are totally mine.


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