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Legal Vengeance

Allen Tanner

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Lucas Lustick - The Character You Will Hate to Love

The illegitimate son of a Cal Berkeley professor and a young prostitute, Lucas Lustick was raised in a Northern Nevada cult. After years of degradation, he and two friends run away, ending up in a San Francisco orphanage. Ultimately, aided by a 160 IQ, he graduates at the top of his class with a law degree from Berkeley. However, his childhood has left him emotionally flawed with an insatiable lust for the seedy side of life.

After law school he leaves California for Texas, where he becomes a highly skilled and ruthless criminal defense lawyer. However, sickened by the Texas legal system as he sees it, he leaves town vowing never to practice law again. But after years of living a decadent existence in Baltimore, fate and loyalty to one of his childhood friends force his return to Texas, where his twisted mind and pent-up anger lead him to make deadly decisions. But, at what cost?

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