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Allen Tanner

Legal Vengeance


Allen Tanner is a board certified criminal lawyer and has worked in Houston, Texas for twenty-five years as an assistant district attorney and criminal defense attorney. He has represented thousands of people charged with felonies, nine of whom were facing the death penalty. His most news- worthy cases included Ron Howard, who used rap music inspiration as his defense in the killing of a state trooper, and serial killer Angel Resindez, known as the "Railroad Killer."

Legal Vengeance is Allen Tanner's first novel but, hopefully, not his last. This first effort has identified him as a novelist with a future. His many courtroom scenes, and his talent for characterization and dialogue, are on a par with the best writers currently being published by the major publishers. Not to mention, his ability to tell a story.

Oh yes ... we'd like to see more of Lucas Lustick, the character that we hate to love.

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