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Steve Wagh is a business advisor and guest speaker. With over 30 years experience in the high-tech industry, Steve offers his leadership and advice to many startup companies in the Central Texas area. He began his career with IBM and for 14 years worked in software development, microcomputer sales, PC marketing strategy and product planning.

In 1984, Steve co-founded Brown-Wagh Publishing. Located in Los Gatos, California, Brown-Wagh Publishing introduced and marketed over 100 leading-edge software and hardware products through retail outlets and OEM channels worldwide.

Major hits included PrintMastertm, which became a perennial leader in the low-end desktop publishingu market, and Sound Blastertm, which became the breakout product for multimedia applications. Profitable each month for 96 consecutive months, Brown-Wagh Publishing was able to earn annual revenues exceeding $80 million with only 16 employees.

Conservative, cautious, and having an eye for excellence, Steve practices what he preaches; handling problems with directness and efficiency. His own career provides evidence of the principles he elucidates in his book, The CEO Handbook.

For those companies determined to "get it right the first time," Steve provides a service called Power Pitch; a fee-based service that helps people turn their business presentations from "ordeals" into "deals". His clients are typically startups looking for investment money--like all the ones that need to make a pitch to the Texas Capital Network, Texas Angel Investors, VC's or individual investors. Other clients need presentations for critical sales calls or trade shows.

Steve says, "Inexperienced CEO's don't realize that they usually have one shot at the audience, and it had better be their best shot. I've seen so many ineffective presentations - lost opportunities -  that it makes me sick."

He spends approximately 2 hours with a client reviewing their original PowerPoint pitch and suggesting changes to the content, format and presentation technique. He then spends another hour in fine-tuning their dress rehearsal.  His fee is $175/hour; about $500-600 for the finished pitch.

"If they work with me and put forth the effort, I'm sure they'll make a Power Pitch."

Steve will also "red-line" business write-ups for the same fee. If a startup has ineffective Executive Summaries, they'll never get in the front door to make the Power Pitch.


Power Pitch

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telephone: 512.657.6061

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