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Michael T. Gregory

Desert Skies II
A Story of "Warriors" in Operation Iraqi Freedom

Desert Skies
A Story of "Champions" in the Gulf Way

The Legend of Hoopman
A Story of Basketball and Suspense

Michael T. Gregory graduated from the State University College at Cortland in 1980, he had considered becoming a coach or teacher. But a good Oneonta Army recruiter and the opportunity to fly helicopters convinced him to join the Army.

For over two decades he has served his country in numerous capacities. His duty stations included Ansbach, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Kuwait, as well as stateside assignments in Rucker, Hood, Knox, and Kelly AFB, including a six-month stint as a company commander in the Persian Gulf War, where he led 36 men and oversaw several night bombing missions. A firm believer in the spirit of the Cavalry, Mike Gregory's love of military history has ensured the Troopers he served with his unequivocal loyalty, honesty, and trust. He finished his military career as an Information Operations analyst working global activities.

Mike is now a retired U. S. Army officer with three novels under his belt. His first book, Desert Skies, (1999) is a historical fiction account of company command in the first Gulf War. "It's loosely based on what I went through." He does hope the book will function as an educational tool, helping "people understand a little bit more than what they got from CNN."

His second book, Hoopman (2003) is a fictitious account of an “older” military retiree, Chuck “Hoopman” Hayes, a retired Army Officer getting a chance to play college basketball. It doesn’t take Hoopman long to figure out his team is hiding a dark secret. But Chuck Hayes has the courage to take on the criminals that threaten his teammates and his dreams. Even if it costs him his life.

Desert Skies II: A Story of "Warriors" in Operation Iraqi Freedom is Mike's third book. This is the continuing saga of Tom Lawton, now fighting in the new Iraqi war.

Originally from upstate New York, Mike is one of the many that has "seen the light"; he and his family (a wife and three daughters) call Boerne, Texas home now. He spends most of his off time traveling around Texas, giving book signings, or working on his jump shot.


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