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Groundbreaking Press is an author-services book publishing company, providing the services writers need so that they, too, may become a published author.

Author-funded publishing (self-publishing) is a time-honored tradition used by many of the best known authors in the world to get their books into publication (Click here for a great list of self-published books and authors).

We are interested in helping you publish your book. While our services are not free, they are fair and reasonable. Because we set realistic expectations, you will not be surprised by additional, unexpected costs during the process. We want to be part of one of the most exciting adventures of your life.

Author funded publishing is a respected tradition within the publishing industry, but until the development of digital printing technology, the cost was beyond the means of most people.  As little as three years ago, it could easily cost $30,000 or more before you could hold a single copy of the finished book in your hand. In addition to the cost of professional services (editors, artists, etc), it was necessary to print large runs because the complex setup process meant that it cost almost as much to print 500 books as it did to print 3,000.

This has all changed! Modern digital printing technology has made it possible to do short runs at a unit price that is very competitive in the marketplace. Using our services, your initial investment, assuming you want to produce a quality product, isn't anywhere near $30,000 but instead can cost as little as $6,500 (sometimes, but rarely, we are able to do it for less). And this price includes all of our services: editing, copyediting, layout, cover design and development, and the printing and binding of your book with a beautiful, 4-color, custom-designed cover. You will initially receive 10 copies of your book, and then, once your satisfied that it meets your every expectation, you will be able to order as many copies of your book as you wish, at a fair and reasonable price.

Click on this link for our philosophy of the Publishing Process and the services we provide.
Click on this link
for a description of the different Publishing Packages we offer.

At Groundbreaking Press, you can take your dreams to print. Because each author's work is unique, each will have individual considerations. We are here to guide you through the process of creating, writing, printing, and publishing your book.

Groundbreaking Press also offers distribution services that will assure that your book will be available to every online book store in the United States, Canada, and Great Britain! This is possible because we use Ingram's Print On Demand (POD) technology that prints a custom copy of your book whenever it's ordered.  And, because we are an authorized user of this technology, your book will be listed in Ingram's catalog and Books In Print.

Finally, Groundbreaking Press offers consulting services on writing, publishing, and promotion. And, our president and founder, Brad Fregger, has written a book that covers much of this information, see: Why Publish; Making the Right Choices for Your Book.

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