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March 7, 2003

To Whom It May Concern:

Finally, I have had a book published! It is a great thrill to have sat down and put my thoughts, experience, and talents into a computer and have them magically appear as a book. My wife has been encouraging me for years to do this, but I thought it would be too expensive and much too much trouble.

Then I met Brad Fregger. I read two of his books and on the last page read about 1st World Library and saw his phone number. I called to tell him how much I enjoyed his books. It wasn't long before he starting asking me whether I had ever written a book. I said I hadn't and told him why.

He persisted and got me to share some of my experiences and the things I liked to do. When I finished, he told me I did have a book in me waiting to get out. Then he told me how digital publishing had significantly lowered the cost of publishing.

Within two months I found myself emailing my first draft to him. A month later I was editing the first draft of my new book. Six weeks later I was attending my book signing at the local Barnes & Noble.

I am so glad I met Brad Fregger. He led me into a world I had only dreamed about. He is a good listener and an outstanding publisher. His company is small enough to get close to his writers and provide them the one-on-one services we need at each stage of the process.

1st World is a good new World.


Mike Doré

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