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Letter of Reference
Bob Mahoney
P.O. Box 90156
Austin, TX 78709-0156

February 22, 2004

Mr. Brad Fregger
1st World Library
7600 Burnet Road, Suite 510
Austin, TX 78757

To all the folks at 1st World Library,

Serendipity is truly wonderful—just as I was coming to the conclusion that self-publishing might be the best avenue for getting my novel into the marketplace, George and I met at the Writer’s League meeting during that fateful February when Columbia was lost.

It has been a long road not without trials, but Damned to Heaven is a product in which we can all take great pride. From the look and feel of its cover to the layout and editorial exactitude of its text, my first novel (how wonderful it is to write such words!) reflects our shared commitment to a publishing quality every bit as high as the best of the traditional houses. While I am likely the most exacting author with whom you’ve dealt thus far, I remain certain that the challenges we faced together have bettered us all. 

All of your actions on my behalf through those challenges speak volumes about your integrity and your commitment to the promise of this new niche in publishing; I'm glad to have the 1st World imprint on Damned to Heaven and look forward to working with all of you in the future. 

With Sincere Thanks,

Bob Mahoney

Note: Bob Mahoney is the author of Damned to Heaven.

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