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Mia was raised in California. She is a passionate person, eager to get on with her life. Not wanting to spend unnecessary time in a public school she opted for the California Virtual Academy and graduated from high school when she was 15 years old.

At 16 she went to live with her father in South Korea and began playing the online computer game, League of Legends, and quickly developed a close relationship with a fellow player, Smith. When she was 17, Smith spent three months with her in South Korea and when he had to return to the United States, she came back with him. 

Smith and Mia now live in Spokane, Washington where Mia is involved in the banking industry and Smith is exploring the possibility of beginning a photography business associated with drone video.

Mia wrote Punk and Lu for her mother who loves children’s books. Mia says she wrote and illustrated this very quickly and didn’t take it too seriously. We think it demonstrates a level of creativity that suggests a talent that should be developed to its potential.

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