Magda's Student Letters

This is a sampling of student letters Magda has recently received. A quotation link from each letter is shown, clicking on the link will display a copy of the entire letter.

1) "You fill the room with love and joy; ... I can tell you that everyone, student and adult, were in the palm of your hands ... ."

2) "I look up to you so much because of your love, faith, spirituality, hope, and the way you look at life. You taught me so much in that small amount of time and you touched my heart."

3) "I think my life is hard and always think negative. My problems are nothing compared with what you went through. Now I feel like I always need to think positive."

4) "You instill in all the will to live, the will to pray and to test your limits by doing the almost impossible."

5) "You determination for life and happiness is inspirational. The Holocaust was a dark time that many cannot tell the tale of, but you persevered."

6) "... your stories of how you survived and had your life in gods hands was compelling. ... It is truly amazing how your sense of humor and spiritual attitude are so nice, even though you have seen death and horror."

7) "My favorite part ... was when you explained the horrors of the camps, because for me, I cannot imagine what you had to go through at that time. ... I really admire you and what you've been through."

Updated January, 2008