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Where eagles once ruled, only ravens scavenge,
Barren land wasted by political greed.
Plunder, not worth the taking!
A nation laid to waste,
While brother fights brother,
Once again, once again.
A nation divided cannot long stand,
Or so it must go,
But purpose united in mortal combat,
Only sheds blood with little conscience,
Reason halted and war the only voice heard.
Nothing of peace can be recalled,
Or times that could have been.
Or times no longer available to enjoy,
As the evil of war corrupts,
And soldiers divided in their quest,
Though knowing the end,
No matter might or right will divide,
With just the best aim of a weapon,
Well intended and deliberate,
Will in earnest begin a story,
Of what can be or what could become,
Future in this land of the free,
And home of the brave.
Life in these free and individual states
Rushes blindly forward to an involuntary moment,
A challenge in history to be,
Foundation for which building and treachery has begun,
Portends only what could be,
For the enemies that surround us so,
The strongest, most determined this writer envisions
Could someday be the internal foe.
History teaches to learn from our past,
To refuse this easy lesson
Only serves to invite the tragedy of this saga.

Jim Damiano


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