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Jerry Silverberg

Justly Accused

Jerry Silverberg has written for over twenty-five years. He is a celebrated personal trainer working with people of all ages and disabilities. His love of music goes hand in hand with what he pens to paper. He believes "Life is a road we climb in time." This first published novel is footing to its peak. Justly Accused is a  look into blue skies. To read fiction at its best is a peek into problems we know or faced ourselves.

His poetry has been published worldwide. He has also written magazine articles, children stories, essays, and short stories, from mystery to romance (fiction and nonfiction). He attended the High School of Art & Design in Manhattan and graduated from The Institute of Children's Literature. After high school he pursued art as his career. He became an advertising artist for a short while and worked in Manhattan. Overtime, it was apparent he painted nicely in a different way. Words had become his pallet; metaphor the colorful paint that created pictures no canvas was able to duplicate.

Jerry married Ethel Leinweber when he was twenty-two; it was love at first sight. They have two sons who to this day make him a proud father, along with his never-to-be-forgotten daughter with a tail, Peppy! She was the greatest pet gone to dog heaven. Mystery and romance are no strangers in Jerry Silverberg's life. "It is experience that makes us who we are." He tells all with a smile. Inspiration he says comes from those here and those who have journeyed away.

Justly Accused is Jerry Silverberg's first novel, he is currently working on his second.


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