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Groundbreaking Press is an author-services book publishing company dedicated to helping authors get their manuscripts into publication.

A terrific article appeared in the Austin American Statesman on Easter Sunday, March 23, 2008. Content about Groundbreaking Press begins about halfway through the article. However, the article, Author! Author! (and Publisher), is currently only available with a paid subscription to their archives.

We've designed our company to take full advantage of the digital revolution in publishing. This is a revolution that not only changes the way books are printed, but also the methods of production, and the process of distribution. The result, it's now financially possible for you to realize the significant goal of seeing your manuscript in published form, and on the shelf of your favorite bookstore.

If you are writing to share stories, personal experiences, the lessons you have learned along the way, we will help you create a book of value to share with others.
If you're a published author, a company, or an organization, looking for a way to produce a quality product and/or gain a greater share of the revenue from your book, we will show you how we can help accomplish that goal.
If you are writing for posterity, we will help you create a book that your children's children will cherish.

Through our combined experience, the skills of our people, the contributions of our partners, and the technology available today, we are able to provide authors, with the best tools and experience available.  As an author, you will be supported, encouraged, and guided along the way.

Authors serving authors ...

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