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Dominique Ntirushwa is a young Rwandan of 21. He works for a Telecommunication company called MTN. He has worked there for three years and has won over 7 awards in customer service.

Both his parents are Rwandans who had fled to neighboring countries with their families in 1959 when the ethnic war started in Rwanda. Born in Congo DRC and having lived in South Africa for four years, he returned to Rwanda in 1995 after the country was liberated (following the 1994 Rwandan  Genocide) by the Rwanda Patriotic Front led by H.E President Paul Kagame, who is Dominique’s role model.

He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering at the Kigali Institute of Science and Technology.

Career at MTN Rwanda

  • February 2008: Temporary call-center agent

  • March 2008: Permanent contracted call-center agent

  • September 2008: Temporary service-center agent

  • April 2009: Permanent service-center agent

  • June 2009: Data-solutions consultant

  •  January 2011: Acting data-solutions supervisor

  • June 2011: Corporate sales engineer

Achievements and Awards: 2008-2011

  • October 2008: Best service-center performer

  • June 2010: Employee of the month at MTN Rwandacell LTD

  • August 2010: Best performer of the 2nd quarter of the year at MTN Rwandacell LTD

  • September 2010: Y’elloStars Winner of the 2nd quarter in the category of customer service

  • December 2010: Annual Y’elloStars Winner at MTN Rwandacell LTD: customer service

  • February 2011: Regional Y’elloStars Winner of the SEA region (South and Eastern Africa) of the MTN Group in the category of customer service

  • April 2011: Overall Y’elloStars Winner of the MTN Group in the category of customer service

Through the MTN Group Award that he won, Dominique Ntirushwa opted to invest his cash prize in a development project for Rwanda and was, therefore, given twice the amount to implement this project. He is currently setting up telecenters in rural areas of Rwanda that will be offering the local communities free basic computer training, high-speed Internet connectivity, free access to the Internet for students, and many other development activities. His project will enable thousands of Rwandans to be trained in basic computer skills every year in different districts of the country.

How did this happen? How was he able to win all of these awards? How was he able to create a project that would help so many people? As he was working for a company where the level and quality of customer service is what drives the business, the only thing that allowed him to win and achieve all this, was his ability to offer Exceptional Customer Care to a level where the company strongly felt the direct impact of the delight it brought to each and every customer.

He figured out that the ability to do this depended on him and would always start with him! When he got this right, he discovered after thoughtful analysis that he had progressed through a 7-step journey, which he decided to share with you in this book.

It is Dominique’s hope that you will also be inspired to take the 7-step journey to Exceptional Customer Care, and then mentor others to do the same.

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