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Sky's the Limit
How to Effectively Market Yourself

Brad Fregger


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The first step in this process is figuring out what it is you’re marketing. Who are you? What skills, knowledge, and personal characteristics do you have that will make a difference; that will make you a valuable addition to the team you are hoping to join.

 You need to establish your credibility, first in your own mind; then in the mind of those that make up your support system, your network; and finally, in the mind of the individual that has the power to offer you the position that you desire.

With so much noise in the world, so much information being offered by so many different sources—you need to convince the hiring manager that you are the person that they are looking for; someone who will make a difference.

This book covers the critical issues that exist for “finding your work” siblings: job search, career change, and consulting. On the surface it may appear that these are three different things that will probably be handled differently. However, in all three instances the “applicant” is looking for a position within the targeted organization; a position that will enable them to use their individual skills, knowledge, and personal characteristics to the make a difference in the work of the organization, hopefully, a significant difference.

In order to achieve this position, each applicant must have a professional resume (job search, career change) or bio (consultant). The resume and the bio basically share the same information; however, there are differences in the way they are written and formatted. The objective is to achieve an interview with the “hiring manager” who will ultimately make the hiring decision.

The interview is critical and the most effective process is not well understood by the vast majority of applicants. Understanding this process is essential if the applicant expects to be seriously considered for the position.

Once you have “aced” the interview and achieved either the offer letter, or the consulting contract, my job is finished; from then on your success is up to you. You must live up to the expectations that the hiring manager has for your contributions to his team and organization in order to achieve total success.


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