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Sky Is Falling Theories
With a Focus of Anthropogenic Global Warming

Brad Fregger


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It seems that Sky Is Falling theories have existed for as long as we have been on this planet. Whenever human beings experienced anything unusual, whether it be a devastating weather phenomena, a solar eclipse, or a violent thunderstorm; there were always “priests” screaming that the people had angered the gods and that they, the priests, were the people’s only hope for redemption. Only they could appease the gods and return peace and tranquility. There were many ways of appeasing the gods, from rituals and offerings to human sacrifice.

This attitude of “appeasing the gods” was also seen when organized religion took the lead and Giordano Bruno was burned at the stake in February 1600 for daring to go against the scientific consensus that the earth was at the center of the Universe. For most of the Inquisition, which lasted 700 years, “science” was aligned with the church. Bruno wasn’t the only one burned at the stake; it is estimated that tens of thousands suffered in this way, which was only 2 percent of those punished by the Inquisition.

Today the priests and religious leaders have been replaced by “scientists” whose inquisitional beliefs and actions are best reflected in their fanatical support for Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) . These “scientists” are either convinced that humanity is destroying the planet or maliciously using the public’s ignorant concern to advance their reputations and funding.

They gladly destroy the lives and reputations of those who dare to suggest that the processes that drive climate change are not well understood, and that, in truth, current research suggests that the danger is nowhere near catastrophic.

Destroying the integrity, careers, and funding of scientists focused on doing the research necessary to discover the truth is, in effect, just as bad as burning them at the stake. For a scientist who has spent his whole life in the pursuit of truth, this is a fate worse than death. It even gets worse; some idiots actually want opposing scientists, those that do not agree that AGW is a fact, to be arrested and imprisoned for up to 20 years.

Science always takes a hit when research suggests that something has been factually verified and then the public finds out later that the exact opposite is true. Sky Is Falling myths and theories that gain the public’s attention exacerbate the problem; in regard to AGW, we literally have a perfect storm situation. A major portion of the public, the media, governments, Hollywood, and most scientific institutions have accepted the AGW hypothesis as a fact, not the failed hypothesis that it actually is.

But, I’m getting ahead of myself. There’s much more to cover before I bring you up to date on the AGW fraud; the biggest hoax ever played on the human race.


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