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Groundbreaking Press is dedicated to the goal of making book publishing accessible to all who have dreamed of seeing their manuscripts published.  The company's founder has lived the dream and understands the sense of accomplishment in achieving this goal. Now, he is committed to helping as many others as possible realize this dream.

We are located in Fairfield, Iowa. We provide a wide range of services through the writing/editing process, including cover design and production, until the book is printed, bound, and in the author's hands. Our level of service assures that every book from Groundbreaking Press will be welcomed into the distribution channel, will be right at home on the shelves of America's bookstores.

We’ve published over 90 books and eBooks in almost every genre of book: fiction, nonfiction, autobiographies, memoirs, children’s books, etc.

However, we're not afraid to tell our authors that the ultimate success of their book lies in their hands; is dependent on the time and resources they are willing to commit.

As a small, boutique, book publishing company, we limit our availability to three books a year. Even though we are author funded (author’s pay for our services) we are very selective in our choice of authors, only working with those authors who are committed to producing a quality product and see the process as a team effort.

Three White Papers are included:

  • Groundbreaking Press vs. the Vanity Publisher and Subsidy Press
  • Traditional Publishing: How and Why it Works like it Does
  • The Major Problem with the Publishing Industry


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