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Humanity's Future - Three-Book Series

This three-volume series is essentially my life’s work. It has been a fabulous journey of exploration, research, inspiration, and contemplation. Everything came together when Barbie and I moved to Fairfield, Iowa and I became committed to the practice of Transcendental Meditation (TM).

Each book has an important message for our society and for the future of humanity. I trust that you will approach the reading of the series, or one of the books, with an open mind and a healthy curiosity. There is much new here to consider and it will take a healthy curiosity to navigate the principles and recommendations that I am proposing. 

You will find the books are written in conversational English. I abhor academic writing and believe that a principle or concept that cannot be fully explained in conversational English is essentially flawed; or, as Einstein said, "If you can't explain in simply, you don't understand it well enough.

Good reading.*

Book One: Sky Is Falling Theories

This book discusses the numerous "human-caused" catastrophic theories that we have been plagued with for over 50 years; including the sixth mass extinction. The focus is on Anthropogenic Global Warming and charts its reasonable beginning to the massive fraud that it has become.

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Book Two: Society's Image of the Future and Socioeconomic Health

A rewrite of my Master's Thesis, this book develops the hypothesis that a society's image of its future has a powerful impact on its current socio-economic health. Positive images of the future create healthy societies; negative images lead to unhealthy societies.

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Book Three: Venturing Beyond Earth

Venturing Beyond Earth presents a strong case for humanity becoming a spacefaring race, the potential that we are the only technolgical capable species in the Milky Way Galaxy, and just how fragile our existance on Earth is; the inevitablity of an extinction-level event that will destroy the human race.

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