Adobe Acrobat Reader

Get the Adobe Reader for Your Best Reading Experience

I have researched the many ways of reading our eBooks on smart phones and tablets (iPad). The results surprised me, our "eBooks* look and read best as PDF files viewed using the Adobe Acrobat Reader. PDF versions exist for most of our books.

The Acrobat Reader is free and works on almost every computer system. Below is a link to download Acrobat Reader for your desktop or laptop computers. However, if you want to view our books on your smart phone or tablet (iPad), you will need to download the Acrobat Reader from either the App Store (Mac) or Google Play Store (Android).

Click here for Desktop or Laptop installation of Acrobat Reader -

Click here for more information about the Acrobat Reader –

* I am using the term "eBooks" here to identify all our books that are read electronically; essentially eBook and PDF versions.